The Baroque Organ of Labastida

The Iberian Organ, volume 1

Esteban Elizondo

Recorded in Labastida, Spain, September 1984

Producer: Bernard Brauchli

Recording Engineer and Executive Producer: Ralph Dopmeyer
Design: Philidor Company
Cover art:
Total playing time: 66:52


  • Sebastián Aguilera de Heredia: Segundo Registro bajo de 1er. Tono
  • Pablo Bruna
    • Tiento de falsas de 2o Tono
    • Tiento de 1er. tono de mano derecha y en medio a dos tiples
  • José Elías: Passa Calles Quinto Tono para Organo
  • Vicente Rodríguez
    • Pange lingua de quint to
    • Pange lingua de maè squerra
  • Anónimo (siglo XVII): Batalla Famossa
  • Sebastián de Albero
    • Sonata XI (andante)
    • Sonata XIV (allegro)
  • Fray José de Larrañaga: Sonata de Órgano
  • Fray Ignacio de Echeverría: Sonata de 5o Tono
  • José Bautista Antonio de Bidaurre: Sonata

About the Performer

Esteban Elizondo was born in San Sebastidn, Guipúzcoa, Spain. He received first prizes on finishing his piano and organ studies in the San Sebastián Conservatory, and he is now the director of the conservatory there.

He studied for several years in Vienna with Anton Heiller, and since then he has attended various international courses with Marie-Claire Alain, Luigi-Ferdinando Tagliavini, Montserrat Torrent and Santiago Kastner.

He has been soloist in various orchestras, and has given many concerts in France, Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Austria, Canada, and the United States.

Many students of his organ classes are now professors of organ at various conservatories, and among his activities has been the creation of the International Romantic Organ Course which has taken place since 1984 on the magnificent Cavaillé-Coll organs of San Sebastián and Guipúzcoa.

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