The Organ of Évora Cathedral

The Iberian Organ, Volume 2

Bernard Brauchli

Producer & Recording Engineer: Ralph Dopmeyer

Design & Typography: Philidor Press, Boston
Cover photograph: DIANA Litográfica do Alentejo, Évora
Total playing time: 74 minutes


  • António Carreira
    • Avé Maria a Quatro
    • Quarto Tento a Quatro em Sol
  • Manuel Rodrigues Coelho
    • Tento do 8o tom natural
  • Anonymous
    • Meyo Registo de 3o tom (from "Libro de Obras de Orgão de P. P. Fr. Roque de Cõceição, 1695")
  • Pedro de Araujo
    • Fantasia de 4o tom
  • Anonymous
    • Batalha Famoza (from "Libro de Obras de Orgão de P. P. Fr. Roque de Cõceição, 1695")
  • Fr. Jacinto do Sacramento
    • Sonata em Ré menor
  • José da Madre de Deus
    • Fuga am Ré menor
  • Carlos Seixas
    • Sonata No. 1 em Dó Maior
    • Sonata No. 8 em Dó Maior
    • Sonata No. 22 em Lá menor

About the Performer

Berrnard Brauchli, who is on the Faculty of the New England Conservatory of Music and music director of the Cambridge Society for Early Music, is widely known in the field of early keyboard music through his many concerts, recordings, and research, most notably on the clavichord. Mr. Brauchli's work in this latter field ranks him as one of the leading exponents today in the revival of that instrument.

His musical studies have taken place at the Institute de Ribaupierre in Lausanne, the Music Academy in Vienna, and the New England Conservatory where he obtained a degree in musicology. He has worked and studied under Luigi-Ferdinando Tagliavini and the eminent hispanist Macario Santiago Kastner, with whom Mr. Brauchli specialized in early Iberian keyboard music.

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