Eighteenth-Century Lute Music

Music of Blohm, Durant, Hagen, Kellner, and Weiss

John Schneiderman

The lute is a 13-course by John Rollins, Bellingham, Washington, 1980; modelled after Joachim Tielke, Hamburg, 1678.

Producer and Recording Engineer: Ralph Dopmeyer
Design: Philidor Press, Boston
Cover art: "Mr. Kohult" by Carmontelle, Museé Condé (Art Resource, N.Y., N.Y.)
Total playing time: 73:00


  • Blohm (18th. C.)
    • Galanterie in F Major
    • Partie in d minor
  • Paul Charles Durant: Sonata in a minor
  • Joachim Bernard Hagen: Variations on a Theme of Locatelli in G Major
  • David Kellner: Pieces in D Major
  • Silvius Leopold Weiss: Sonata in A Major

About the Performer

A guitarist since 1968, John Schneiderman began studies on the lute in 1976. His first exposure to the lute was through Frederick Noad. John did his undergraduate and graduate work in guitar and lute performance at the University of California, Irvine. He has studied with Eugen Dombois at the Schola Cantorum in Basel and privately with Anthony Bailes, Robert Strizich, and Catherine Liddell.

John Schneiderman is currently a lecturer in guitar and lute at the University of California, Irvine.

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