Canto Antiguo

Musical Traditions of the Sephardim

A Mediæval View of Judeo-Spanish Song

Recorded January 17 & 18, 1992, Laguna Hills, California

Recording Engineer: Darrell Harvey
Design: The Philidor Company, Boston
Cover photograph: Bob Young
Total playing time: 64:26


  1. Una matika de ruda
  2. Durme, durme
  3. El rey de Fransia
  4. Los bilbilikos
  5. Hodu l'Adonay kitov
  6. Poko le das, la mi kosuegra
  7. Una ija tiene el rey
  8. Ah! El novio no kere dinero
  9. Noches, noches
  10. "Morena" me yaman
  11. Song of dew
  12. En la mar ay una torre
  13. Xalom aleikhem sinyores
  14. Páxaro d'ermozura
  15. Komo la roza
  16. Kuando el rey Nimrod
  17. Yedid nefex
  18. Adío kerida
  19. Una matika de ruda
  20. Skalerica de oro
  21. El rey ke tanto madruga

About the Performers

Thomas Axworthy, Bonita Nahoum Jaros, John Magnussen, Shirley Robbins, and John Bilezikjian.

Canto Antiguo is an early music ensemble dedicated to the restoration and performance of Sephardic music. The musical practices of 15th-century Spain serve as a source of inspiration for the settings of Canto Antiguo's repertoire. Formed in the early 1970s, Canto Antiguo originally specialized in Spanish music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages.

The ensemble achieves a wide range of musical expression by using many instruments that were played in mediæval times such as recorders, shawms, saz, dumbek, psaltery, the oud, and percussion.

The secular songs, in Ladino, and the sacred songs, in Hebrew, are sung by Bonita Jaros, whose Sephardic and linguistic background has given Canto Antiguo rich insight into the poetic intention of each song. The ensemble's goal is to preserve the Sephardic community's ancient traditional music and convey its beauty to a wider audience.

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