Under ∆gean Moons

Music of the Spanish Jews of Rhodes and Salonika

Voice of the Turtle

Recorded at Wellspring Studio, Concord, Massachusetts

Recording Engineers: Eric Kilburn, Huck Bennert
Design: Scott-Martin Kosofsky at The Philidor Company, Boston
Cover illustration: Ketubbah (marriage contract) from Salonika, 1842. Courtesy of Ben-Tzvi Institute, Jerusalem.
Total playing time: 61:25


  1. En el kamino de la 'skola
  2. Yaakov le disho a Yosef
  3. Alta alta va la luna
  4. Ventanaz altaz
  5. De ke yorash, blanka ninya
  6. A la una nasi yo
  7. Dia de ShabŠ
  8. Finer d'oro
  9. Una fwente
  10. Tres ermanikaz
  11. Povreta muchachika
  12. Lavaba la blanka ninya
  13. No pasesh por la mi pwerta
  14. Esklava de amor
  15. El rey ke muncho madruga
  16. La mujer del pipitero

The repertoire to which this recording is dedicated comes from the Sephardic musical traditions of the city of Salonika and the island of Rhodes, currently part of Greece. Voice of the Turtle follows the admirable and important precedent established in their previous recordings -- the utilization of authentic sources, i.e., field recordings of Sephardic Jews. The songs on this volume come from the collections of Kol Yisrael, and the National Sound Archives at the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

A wide panorama of musico-poetic genres in the repertoire are represented: lyric songs, coplas, and even romances, a challenging genre that few performing groups dare to approach. The inclusion of songs recently adapted from the surrounding culture (as recent as one or two generations ago), songs created by anonymous, forgotten members of the communities, as well as the uniqueness of some items, make this collection especially interesting.

About the Series

Voice of the Turtle has issued two series of recordings and begun a third.

First Series: Songs of the Sephardim. Five Volumes. Only Volume V, "Circle of Fire," is available on CD. All are available on cassette.

Second series: Paths of Exile. All five volumes are on cassette and CD.

Third series: Holiday Traditions: "A Different Night: A Passover Musical Anthology."

A catalog is available from:

Voice of the Turtle
31 Lockeland Ave.
Arlington, Massachusetts 02174
Telephone: 617 491 3465
email: VOTurtle@aol.com
website: http://www.VoiceoftheTurtle.com

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