Full Circle

Music of the Spanish Jews of Jerusalem

Voice of the Turtle

Production: Derek Burrows, Lisle Kulbach, Jay Rosenberg, Judith Wachs

Recording Engineer: Mark Wessel
Design: Derek Burrows, Alison Tolman-Rogers
Cover art: Gershon Ben-Ami

Total playing time: 54:12


  1. Intri las huertas

  2. A la gerra me vo ir

  3. Asentada en la ventana

  4. Montanyas altas

  5. Madres amargadas

  6. Yo era un leoniko

  7. Adio

  8. No me des kon revolver

  9. Delgadina

  10. Molinero

  11. No te lo kontengas

  12. Bastuniko de djevezli

  13. Moshon

  14. Mi suegra

  15. La kumida de la manyana

  16. Skalerika de oro

About the Series

Voice of the Turtle has issued two series of recordings and begun a third.

First Series: Songs of the Sephardim. Five Volumes. Only Volume V, "Circle of Fire," is available on CD, as Ti-159. All are available on cassette.

Second series: Paths of Exile. All five volumes are on cassette and CD.

Third series: Holiday Traditions: "A Different Night: A Passover Musical Anthology."

A catalog is available from:
Voice of the Turtle
31 Lockeland Ave.
Arlington, Massachusetts 02174
Telephone: 617 491 3465
email: VOTurtle@aol.com
website: http://www.VoiceoftheTurtle.com


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