Now available on Titanic (Ti-264)

Julius Baker Limited Edition II


Julius Baker Limited Edition II

Titanic Records, in conjunction with Oxford Records, is proud to announce the release of it's fourth recording of the famed American flutist, Julius Baker, entitled, "Julius Baker: Limited Edition #2." Mr. Baker, described as the father of American flute playing, is well known throughout the world for his round full sound, flawless technique and stunning musicality. The recording is a compilation of one of the most amazing flute careers that spanned over six decades of solo, chamber music and orchestral performances. The recording is narrated by the well known flutist/musicologist, Patricia Harper. "Julius Baker produces what is surely the most glorious tone that ever came out of a flute." TIME Magazine

You may now purchase this title through our U.S. distributor, Albany Music Distributors, Inc., by telephone at 1-800-752-1951 or 518-436-8814 or by fax at 518-436-0643 (major credit cards accepted).

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