Now available on Titanic (Ti-271)

Revisiting the Silver Screen

Al Regni and Bernard Hoffer


Revisiting the Silver Screen

Titanic Records is pleased to announce the release of “Revisiting the Silver Screen”, an album of movie screen classics arranged by Bernard Hoffer and performed by legendary saxophonist Al Regni. Mr. Regni is the consummate musician who plays all the saxophones, clarinets and flutes, writes arrangements in all kinds of genres, and performs in a wide variety of styles and settings. You might see him with the New York Philharmonic one night and with a jazz band the next. On "Revisiting the Silver Screen" you will hear him in a jazz setting. These wonderful arrangements of some of the greatest tunes from 20th century film music are played by a master saxophonist with a rhythm section (drums, bass), and a first-rate string quartet, played with an amazing sense of style, control, and emotion. He alternates between soaring over the top of the band and folding into the ensemble with grace and sensitivity all with a consistently beautiful and engaging sound. Arranger and composer Bernard Hoffer, has painted a musical terrain for Al with these intriguing and soulful arrangements.

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